Water – an increasingly scarce resource – makes up the largest part of all our brands. We also use it for washing equipment, process cooling, to make steam, and in our agave fields and vineyards for irrigation and frost prevention. Our farmed raw materials, including grapes, grain crops and agave plants, depend on regular watering.

Our Approach

Working with our Environmental Performance and Governmental Compliance Group, each facility manages its use of water by measuring consumption, implementing water efficiency projects, and minimizing its effluent emissions. We aggregate our water consumption for all our production units (see performance).


Because the quality of water is so important to our production, it is in our interest to take care of the watersheds and rivers on which we depend. For example, Jack Daniel’s purchased several hundred acres of land to protect the Mulberry Creek and Cave Spring recharge area in Lynchburg, Tennessee, to ensure the current water quality is maintained. The distillery is equipped with state of the art water treatment systems for its discharge, and we have established storm water runoff protection measures for all our properties. (See case study Exploring ways to save water in distilleries).


Water Usage

[Measured in Millions]

Chart of water gallons used 2006-2009